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What Is Vibe Control?

Vibe Control is a music genre and event series created by DJ Mari. The series travels all over the world hosting parties with three different vibes.


The Penthouse, The Warehouse, and The Mansion.


The music you can expect to hear in these three locations creates the three Vibe Control genres listed below. Each genre offers a unique approach to our favorite R&B, Hip-Hop, and Caribbean Hits and provides an ambiance for memorable experiences.




The Penthouse will focus on Soul Edits w/ R&B Throwbacks.

Energy: Grown & Sexy

It's that two-step with your eyes closed, and a drink in your hand type vibe.

Mission: To bring people together and celebrate the music that makes you feel good.

The Warehouse will focus on All time Bangers w/ Hype Edits & Rap Hits

Energy: Fast & High Energy It's that bouncy, head bopping while singing trap lyrics type vibe. 

Mission: To bring people together and TURN UP

The Mansion will focus on Multi Genre Edits w/ Top Caribbean & R&B Hits

Energy: Upbeat / Bouncy

That dance like you don’t care who’s watching, bring a friend type vibe.

Mission: To bring people together and make dancing the focal point of the party

Listen For Yourself.

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